Mharti ahegao
Classification American
Gender Male?
Age 15
Residence Houston
Relatives Barbie Davis (Mother)

Lance Davis (Father) Whit Davis (Brother) Parker Davis (Brother) Natalie Davis (Sister)

Pets Gracie (In the corner)
Occupation White Supremacy Advocate and Milita Member
Real world information
Appears in Haddi Mera Buddy
First appearance Meet the Reaper

"Mharti" is an idiotic but optimistic boy living in Houston, Texas. He is one of the three protagonists. His parents' names are not mentioned (but in the American version, they are called Lance and Barbra). He likes his friends so much that he could do anything for them, or at least he would if he had any friends.


Mharti and Parker were friends since babies. In the first episode, they first meet Protag, who came to take Richtoffen, Mharti's hamster. The duo said if Protag wins, he would take the hamster and go away to Steam but if the duo wins, they would keep Richtoffen for themselves, and Protag would be their best friend forever.



Despite them being best friends, Parker treats Mharti more like a slave than a friend. However, he has shown genuine concern for Mharti when he gets put in danger.


Best friend since Richtoffen's Birthday, Mharti treats Protag like a friend more than Preethi does.

Bearded ExpenseEdit

Bearded and Mharti are best buddies, Mharti likes Bearded more than Parker and Protag Mharti calls Bearded 'Glass Boy' because he is a faggot.


Emma is an easily scared friend of Mharti. She is also like by Mhariti.


In "George's Bizarre Adventure" and "Mharti Madness: The End of Lamar High", the show's American version, his name is George, but everyone calls him Mharti McDonalds