Grim Haddi
Classification Skeleton
Gender Male
Age 555
Residence Hell
Relatives Haddi's Mummy (Mother)

Haddi's Daddy (Daddy) Haddi's Grandma (Grandmother)

Pets Dragon
Occupation Taking lives of aged people
Slave and Friend for Billu and Preeti
Real world information
Appears in Haddi Mera Buddy
First appearance Meet The Reaper

Haddi is one of the three main characters in the show. Billu and Preeti befriend Haddi after a limbo game in the first episode Meet The Reaper. Preeti treats him like a slave while Billu mostly sees him as his best buddy.

Love InterestsEdit

  • Sundari is a goth woman who Haddi meets at a beach. In the end, she leaves Haddi as he is a real ghost and she is only a human, and she is scared.



Haddi has a love-hate relationship with Billu. Unlike Preeti,Haddi isn't scared of Billu. He prefers to stay in Billu's house most of the time.billu is silly but he is a helpful boy


Unlike Billu,Preeti treats Haddi like a slave and makes him do all the household work .preeti is very rude and hardly smiles.


Gullu is Billu's best friend. He doesn't see Haddi often so he is not much of a bother to Haddi


Haddi has the tendency to speak in rhymes in the Indian English dub, which is notably absent in the American version.


Haddi is the Cartoon Network India version of Grim Reaper of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.